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CMCY4H4SW3Fix a problem with only one transaction log being used on AIX servers.
TOKA49AA8XThe highlight within a Full Text Search breaks when using a combination of SBCS punctuation and DBCS characters.
TNAA4MMLHCThe Notes C API for the FAX will crash when a table is in the document. This problem has been fixed in 5.0.5.
EPOD4JRTNFThe server statistic "Trans.Server.ElapsedTime" has been added, and indicates the amount of time the server has been running. It is used by the...
JHMN4GBDKRFixed error "Invalid or nonexistent document" when launching an attachment on a MIME message and forwarding the...
LDEY4FYQVZFixed a problem where Reply to All will fail if the address contains a period. For example: "test.mail@iris.com" will become "test.mail". This...
HRON4KURLGdomino.Session.xxx crashes server
HWAI4EE5FWServer crash when user create new document via browser (DBCS character in field name).
HWAI4EE5FWServer crashed when user create New document via browser. (DBCS character in field name).
ECIO4MHTRBFrom field of MSF notes user's mail uses NRPC addressing fmt causing reply to fail
ECIO4HNRYFFill in Internet Addr manually after registering Notes thru Op Nav for it to rec'v NRPC or SMTP mail.
HAI4EE5FWServer crash when user create new document via browser (DBCS character in field name
HRON4HQRPVsession.createDateTime( java.util.Date ) gives wrong time.
HRON4H2SK2Jar Files do not import on 5.0.2c .
GRER4P6NJXFixed return code handling in two modules that call an ACL support function
TCHU4MNEL7SERVLET: Traditional Chinese characters are not displayed using java application under servlet manager
KVBN4PJN9XSupport special charters in the Super User ID on product install
LVIV4LYN97Fix Domino HTTP crash in ProcessFile().
JGIR4C7MF2Compact runs at 4am - Router stops working after Compact runs
JLII4JRDSPDECS: Japanese 5026: DECS can't identify KATAKANA as DB2 col name when doing InitializeKey
JLII4JRDAWDECS:Japanese 5026: DECS connection can't get col name if using KATAKANA define table name
JLII4JRE27Japanese 5026: DECS realtime can't work well when use KATAKANA as DB2 table col name
BKOB4KTQVVServer name has failures if over 244 characters long.
CGOE4PJP99LSXLC LCConnect.Excute ?openagent not working.
DSAN4PCJFZLotusScript does not Process CR/LF Correctly on AS/400 Platform
CHAR4MDRHSDECS: Intemittent memory overwrite when loading connectors.
DJBT4K6M6FShell() fails with 'File Not Found' error when calling Java program .
DHEK4JDTSKFix handling of 80% and above on URLs to OS400.
RSCF4LNGPHS/390 Console Support for Domino: Stop processing fails when server has DECS


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